What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

With the number of telephone scams making the rounds, telemarketers trying to ram offers down your throat, and cold callers looking to convince you to attend an event, you never can tell who's behind that unknown phone number and what their intentions are. But you can find these out and many more via a reverse phone lookup.

A reverse phone number lookup is the process of searching out a person's identity and what they represent through their phone number.

The best phone number lookup services are those who have an extensive database and take privacy concerns seriously. EasySearchPeople is a pivot example of this. It is connected to thousands of public records and databases and properly indexed, so that you get reliable information upon searching.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

How Does Reverse Phone Number Search Work?

If you've ever tried finding a caller's identity by searching out their phone number on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you can relate to how scanty the information that returns is in most cases. This information itself wouldn't help you identify who's calling you, especially if the number is unpublished, unattached or unlisted as search engines only list information the owner makes publicly accessible.

A number lookup service like EasySearchPeople sifts through billions of publicly available white pages and phone directories and reports the name of the owner associated with that phone number and several details about them. It also provides insights on the city and state of the area code, the city of the first three digits of the calling phone number, when it first came into use, the first company to own the phone number, and whether the phone number is a cell phone, or landline.

How to Do a Reverse Phone Number Lookup by Phone?

Finding all about someone via their phone numbers, alias reverse phone lookup is not rocket science. It's a breeze with EasySearchPeople, just as simple as visiting EasySearchPeople's phone lookup service, entering their phone number and clicking the search button. In two simple steps, you can find who's behind that unknown phone number. Here's how to go about it.

Visit EasySearchPeople

To begin with, go to the phone lookup section of EasySearchPeople.

Enter phone number

The application provides a special filtering option that pinpoints the target person and notify when there is any new updated information.
Wait patiently for the results to come up. You should get the desired results in no time. Review the results and click on a matching profile to see all you need to know about the caller.
Once you click the search button, EasySearchPeople's optimised algorithm starts searching out a matching data entry in its database. The modern, super fast servers the platform uses afford you accurate results in no time. The results are also accurate, rather than filler content because our reverse phone lookup platform is connected to a gargantuan number of public records and digital footprints people leave on the internet via social media interactions and interaction with sites who make their profile information publicly accessible.

What Info Can You Obtain From a Reverse Phone Search?

  • Full Name

    A reverse phone number lookup on EasySearchPeople should help you in uncovering the identity of the caller. The search results provide the caller's name through which you can identify them.

  • Home and Office Addresses

    You may also get the current residential and office address of the caller through a look up phone number. Should the person have any old addresses on record, they would also be published in the result that pops up.

  • Alternate Phone Numbers

    In case, you don't want to return their call via the same number, we also show you their alternate phone numbers through which you can reach them.

  • Email Address

    Knowing someone's email address brings you one more step closer to revealing the caller's identity. Therefore, every look up by phone through EasySearchPeople will provide insights on the caller's email address.

  • Friends, Families and Mutuals

    A name reveal may not mean so much to you if you have several friends who you know by that name. An acquaintance reveal helps you know which of these people called.

  • Social Media Profiles

    Our phone number lookup will provide you with the social media profiles of the caller. For strange calls, this is particularly important as it can help you know who is who.

How Is the Data Collected?

This may depend on whether you use a landline, mobile phone or VOIP.

  • For landlines, the names and addresses are available in directory assistance. Details of landline users are usually submitted to lookup and caller ID companies by these carriers. Therefore, you can identify anyone by their name and address once you provide their phone number.
  • For cell/mobile phones, it's a tad different and a little trickier since there is no directory for cell phones. Phone number lookup companies get the caller's details from many sources that may have the caller’s name and cell phone number. Because of the reliability of these records, the information that pops up on a look up phone free is certainly accurate.
  • In the case of VOIP, the caller's information may be publicly available as long as the VOIP subscriber or person who bought the line from the VOIP company enabled their caller ID.

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Reasons to Look Up Phone Number

Find Out Unknown Calls or Texts

Many times, we are patronised by online callers. With a phone number lookup, you can unmask who called you.

Identify Spam Calls

Lost contact with a friend? A lookup phone number service updates you on their latest contact information and how you can reach them.

Keep Your Family Safe

Got a call or text from an unknown number at odd hours of the day. A phone number lookup makes it easy to run a background check on the caller.

Verify Online Date

You never can tell the intent of your caller. By checking them up on a phone number lookup, you can be sure who you are talking about or who to nail if things.

Why Choose EasySearchPeople to Look Up Phone Number Owner

  • Ease of use

    You can perform a number lookup in just two, simple steps with EasySearchPeople: enter the phone number of the targeted search and click on Start Search. If that’s not easy, nothing else is.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Reverse phone number lookup services promise to help you identify the caller and do so. But how extensive are their reports? EasySearchPeople’s reports are extensive and contain everything you need to know about the caller; from name to email address and even their location.

  • Advanced Filtering

    Its advanced filtering feature helps in picking out the profile of the exact caller, and in time too! You may also get notified about any updates to their information on any of their public records.

  • Secure and legal

    Your searches on EasySearchPeople are legal, secure and anonymous. Since the caller’s unmasked information is publicly accessible, it is legal to dig them out using a reverse phone lookup service. Connections with its servers are also encrypted, so you can be sure your interactions on the site are secure.

  • Efficient

    Our search system is efficient and quick. It sifts through billions of public records and phone directories, creates a profile out of the caller’s information and produces extensive reports about them in no time at all.

  • Search via any device

    EasySearchPeople’s system isn't OS-selective. Therefore, whether your device runs Windows, iOS, Android or Linux, or has very low RAM requirements, you can still effectively unmask your caller using the platform.

Are There Any Privacy Concerns for Me?

First-class phone number lookup services like EasySearchPeople keep your search as discreet as possible. What this means is your searches are known to only you. The one who’s been investigated has no idea that they are being searched out. This is not only convenient but safe. So that if you are faced with a threat problem over the phone, you can search out the caller quietly and privately as knowing you checked them out may lead to even more avoidable problems.

How Can You Tell If It's a Spam Call?

The spam call brouhaha is an endemic that’s worn out many phone users already. But what if it was possible to know from a distance whether a call is a spam call or not? There are two methods, the first of which needs your picking the call first.

In the first instance, you must know their modus operandi. Here’s how it goes. For instance, if an unknown phone number calls to ask you about your card details, about winning a lottery you never applied to, or talks to you about bogus loan or ponzi schemes, it is definitely a scam call.

If you’d rather not pick the call first, you’re still covered. Through EasySearchPeople you can spot fake callers and organisations at a distance. Just search the phone number on the platform and you get the caller’s original information.


Is it legal to do a phone number lookup on someone?

Yes, it is. Since phone number lookup services access only publicly available information, there’s no fear about someone suing you because you broke their privacy.

How do you find out who called you?

You can lookup who called you, armed with only their phone numbers. The most used channels are Google, social media and a lookup service like EasySearchPeople.

How can I remove my phone number?

Simple! Visit the site’s contact page and turn in a request to remove your phone number. The platform’s customer support is available round-the-clock and so should remove your profile entirely in very few minutes from when you hand in your request.

How accurate is reverse phone lookup?

Frankly, no reverse phone lookup service is 100% accurate. However, they are just about your best shot at knowing everything about an unknown caller. The information that pops up is also pretty accurate.

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