What Is Reverse Address Lookup?

The reverse address search is a great resource for those who want to know who resides at a given property. By entering an address in an address verification service likeEasySearchPeople, you will find what information is publicly available on that person like their social profiles and contact addresses. It will also help you find out everything you need to know about the property, even down to little details like the market value of the property, year the house was built and collateral status, the house’s square footage and number of bedrooms it has.

EasySearchPeople is linked with thousands of publicly accessible records. Therefore, you are guaranteed accurate information. Also, your searches on the platform are discreet, anonymous and known only to you.

What Is Reverse Address Lookup?

What Is Included in an Address Report?

A reverse address lookup does more than a name reveal of the current past and present owners of a home. You can get as much as its value, mortgage, and tax information, and the present legal status of the home. Here’s what an address search gives you

Current/Past Owner-related information

  • Full name of both past and current owners
  • Their phone numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • The age range of the house’s former inhabitants
  • Criminal records of both past and present owners
  • Their former addresses

Neighbourhood-related information

  • The general monetary value of homes in the neighbourhood
  • The average income of people living in the area
  • Whether or not there are people who have been arrested for sex-related offences living in the neigborhood

Property-related information

  • Local area code
  • The market value of the building
  • What year the house was built
  • Building layout and the exact number of rooms
  • Mortgage information
  • Tax information
  • Legal description of the house

How Does Reverse Address Lookup Search Work?

Through a reverse lookup, one can find out everything about an address including the past and present owners of that apartment. Once the address is entered into the search button, the search engine checks out all places this address information appears and comes up with matching data. The data is gathered from court records, municipality documents, public records, phone directories, criminal records and everything in between. In no time, you should get everything you need to know.

Where Is the Information from?

The internet has made independent studies on just about anything easy. These days, you can find out everything about a property owner through an address search from your desk. Information contained in an address finder report includes:

  • Social media profiles
  • Financial records
  • Estate directories and documents
  • White listings
  • Yellow pages
  • Public libraries
  • Court records
  • Marriage applications
  • Government websites
  • Deep web data
  • Federal records

How EasySearchPeople Can Help You Know Who Lives There?

You can dig up just about any information on any home or property owners in the block using EasySearchPeople, so far you know it's address. Here’s how to get our advanced search engines to work:

  • Step 1: Atop the page, click on theaddress lookuptab.

  • Step 2: To start the address check, enter the address of the property you want to lookup in the search bar. Follow this up by clicking the Start search button and pressing enter.

  • Step 3:Depending on the accuracy of the data you have entered, you should get a list of results. Choose the matching data from the list of results.

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Why Should You Choose Us Over Another Service?

  • Reliable Information

    Our collated results are just about the most reliable information you can get. This is because our search engines are properly indexed and connected with an extensive database cutting across several public libraries, court records, financial records, arrest records, social media platforms and much more. Also, the information you get gets updated in real-time as anything about the property owner is updated in any of the above-highlighted records.

  • Anonymous search

    Searches on our platform are safe and anonymous. To begin with, the property owners get no hint that they or their property is being investigated neither do its inhabitants since your interaction with the search engine servers are protected by 256-bit encryption. The site has a SSL certificate too which means the details entered on the site can’t be stolen.

  • Simple-to-use

    The site’s UI is easy on the eyes, hence, giving the impression that a people look up or address search on the platform isn’t difficult. EasySearchPeople users can relate to how easy it is to search here. It’s as simple as entering the address in the search bar and clicking search. Voila! You get results in about three minutes or less.

  • Comprehensive reports

    Our home addresses reports are comprehensive and loaded with relevant information you need, in line with industry standards. Some industry giants stop at providing information on the property owners, past and current residents, social profiles, and criminal records of the owners. But we go a step further to furnish you with the property’s local area code, market value, building layout, mortgage and tax information.

Benefits of Conducting a Reverse Address Search

Reconnect with old friends

A find address search can help you reconnect with old classmates, neighbours, or childhood friends. If you no longer have their contact information, you can run a reverse address search on their old apartments, get their current address and contact information, then link up with them.

Self-check online

It can also help one manage their reputation in the court of opinion. By running a self-check on an address you’ve lived, you can know all publicly accessible data about you. This is usually done by people who are looking to join a political movement, new business or environment where reputation is paramount.

Investigate property

If you are in the market for a new home, then you should consider running a reverse address search. Before going to meet the property owner, or walking into the property yourself, you can tell through an address checker search, the year it was built, square footage, and how many bedrooms it has.

Learn more about neigbours

People may also do a reverse address search to get insights on a particular neighbourhood. A search on sites like EasySearchPeople that give comprehensive reports should pull out information about the neighborhood's local demographics, schools, and business entities in it.

Protect your minors

A reverse address check may also be important if you live with minors and want to be sure they are safe within the neighbourhood. You can begin with checking up other addresses in the neigbourhood to see if any of its inhabitant have been arrested and arraigned for a sex-related crime in the past.


How can I know the owner of a property?

There is no special formula to finding out the owner of a property. If you go by a service like EasySearchPeople that gives comprehensive reports, information on the owner of the property should come naturally.

How accurate and reliable are your results?

The rule of thumb is the more extensive the database, the more reliable the results. Our search engines are linked with thousands of relevant public records, making our results very accurate.

Do I also get information on other assets on the property?

No, the information you get is only limited to the legal description of the property, the number of bedrooms it has, property layout and its market value. It gives no information on assets the property owner owns. For this, you may have to turn to other search engines.

Can my address be removed from your database?

Yes, you can. Send in a request to remove your address from our database and we would honor your request as soon as we can.

How legal is it to do an address lookup?

Address lookup searches are very legal. Since they tap only into publicly-accessible records, it is completely legal to do a reverse lookup on any property owner you find.

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