What Is a Background Check?

Met someone on Tinder and want to check if what they say ticks? Just before you agree to a physical date in a cozy, pent-house restaurant, you should run a background check on them. They just might be lying about who they say they are.

In simple terms, a background check entails all processes involved in looking into someone’s background. This search should give insights into their employment history, educational history, and arrest records.

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What Is a Background Check?

Types of Background Checks

  • Criminal background check

    A criminal background check is digging into national criminal databases, terrorist watch list, and criminal records to know if an individual has any prior criminal activity.

  • FBI background check

    An FBI background check should show the investigator all about an individual’s criminal charges and the ensuing convictions, arrest not leading to convictions, outstanding warrants, bankruptcies and tax form details.

  • Employment background check

    If you’ve been involved in your firm’s hiring process, chances are that you have come across the lingo background check a couple of times. A background check for employment is done to give a hiring manager insights into the applicant’s job integrity, stability, job description and why they left their previous workplace.

  • Credit check

    Essentially, a credit background search is a look into an individual’s credit history to see if they are fiscally responsible. However, this cannot be done without the subject’s consent.

  • Sexual offender registry check

    Checking someone’s history of sexual offenses is often a requirement for many companies or brands that deal with minors and females. This is done to rule out potential workplace sex offenses

  • Reference check

    Through a reference check, a hiring manager may know about an applicant’s past performance, and attitude to work. It may also be used to fact-check what was said in an interview.

  • Personal background check

    A personal background check involves checking up all about yourself to see what a potential employer or whoever is looking to run such checks on you will see.

Purposes of Background Checks

  • Verification of identity

    Are you suspicious or non-trusting of the activities of some people? You can check them out and all they represent via a background check. Through this check background, you can verify their identity, whether they are lawfully living in the country, have a valid social profile, and many other such details. You may also find more info about tenants, business partners and the likes.

  • Safety of minors

    Entrusting your kids and minors to total strangers is dangerous, moreso, when they have been remanded for a sexually-related offense in the past. A parent may also want to independently check out their kids teachers and see if they are associated with any sex offense.

  • Self-check

    Sometimes, you just want to know what might pop up when an employer, neighbour or a random person runs an online background check on you. If you’ve been wrongfully accused and arrested for a crime, you may request for that crime record to be deleted so that it doesn’t come up in criminal background checks done on you.

  • Detect potential fraud

    Do you want to order items from an online-based brand, invest in loan schemes, or fund an NGO? Typically, you may want to check out the brand or program. They might also want to check out the brain behind the brand and what they have been involved in. If they have been involved in a crime or two, it is best practice to find an alternative.

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Advantages of Choosing Us for Background Checks

  • Reliable information

    EasySearchPeople has links to a long list of criminal, arrest, employment, and financial records pulled out from public and private records. So you can be assured that all that comes up in the ensuing background report is reliably true and not filler content used by many other online background check services.

  • Compliance with FCRA

    Our interactions and mode of practice are in accordance with the requirements of Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Therefore, our operations are legal and our users cannot be sued for searching out people via our service. Legal background checks must be run through a FCRA-compliant service.

  • Simple to use and optimised for all devices

    Nothing can be more frustrating than complicated background checks. Before finding out anything, you are mentally worn out! Our website is simple to use even for the least tech savvy individual. It is also well-optimised for mobiles. Therefore, you can run background checks in the simplest way on all devices.

  • Detailed background report

    Our reports are pretty comprehensive as opposed to reports from some other check background services that come out scanty because the service has access only to limited public records. What information are you looking for exactly? Criminal, employment, credit, driving-related information? We’ve got you covered!

  • Anonymous, discreet and secure

    We take your online safety and anonymity very seriously, as it should be. Your interaction with our servers are protected by the latest encryption methods, so cannot be phished out or manipulated by phishing bots. Also, the person you are running a background check gets no clue or hint that they are being investigated.

How to Run a Background Check With EasySearchPeople?

Running a background check on EasySearchPeople is quite easy. You should be done in four steps. Here’s how to go about this:

  • Step 1: Click the background search service

    Select the background search option to begin your investigation.

  • Step 2: Provide target’s data

    Enter the full name of the individual you want to investigate. Then, follow this up by clicking the ‘Start Search’ button to pop up matching records.

  • Step 3: Go through the report

    A list of profiles matching your description will come up. Go through the listed profiles and click that of your target to access their background report.

What Information Can You Expect from a Background Check Report?

A background check search or report should contain the following information:

  • Identity and social security verification
  • All you need to know about the criminal activities of an individual unless sealed (as in the case of juvenile convictions or other such convictions which may have been closed by a court)
  • Sexual-related offences they might have been involved in
  • Credit history of the individual
  • Motor vehicle and license record checks
  • A person’s past employment record
  • A comprehensive list of all civil records of the investigated
  • Other details like educational and employment history of the target


What do background checks actually check?

A background check digs up an individual's career-related activities, employment history, criminal history, credit history from court records, sex offender registeries, and publicly accessible financial records.

What do I need to do for a self-background check?

Begin with a web search to see what’s available on the public domain, then painstakingly go through credit reports, court, criminal and driving records. Otherwise, get everything there is about yourself in a few minutes using EasySearchPeople.

Is it possible to remove my background information

Yes, it is. You can remove your background check information from a website by submitting a request that it is removed. The time from when you turn in this request to when it is eventually removed depends on the background check service.

How long does it take to get results from a background check?

Typically, it takes several minutes to hours. However, with well-optimised search engines like EasySearchPeople’s, you should get a matching profile and all relevant information you may need in minutes.

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